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January 23, 2017


LTE: Let’s hope Momentive workers welcomed back
Patricia Kane, Times Union, 1.24.17

Momentive strikers take fight to CEO’s neighborhood
Kyle Hughes, NYSNYS News/Times Union, 1.23.17
Also appears in The Saratogian

Momentive workers take strike to CEO’s neighborhood
Noel McLaren, ABC News 10, 1.23.17

Momentive Workers Rally Outside Boss’ Saratoga Springs Home
NY1, 1.23.17

Momentive workers picket in front of company CEO’s home
CBS WRGB, 1.23.17

Momentive workers take strike on road
Ned Campbell, Daily Gazette, 1.23.17

Cold, broke and under surveillance: life on the Momentive picket line
Katie Cusack, The Alt, 1.23.17


Momentive Strike
NBC WNYT, 1.23.17-1.24.17
Ran 5 times between 5:00pm and 2:45am

Workers On Strike Protest At CEO’s Home
ABC WTEN, 1.23.17
Ran 4 times between 4:00pm and 11:15pm

Striking Momentive Workers Rally In Front Of CEO’s Home
YNN Capital Region, 1.23.17-1.24.17
Ran 28 times between 1:00pm and 10:10am

Workers On Strike Protest At CEO’s Home
FOX WXXA, 1.23.17-1.24.17
Ran at 7:06pm and 10:08pm

Momentive Strike
CBS WRGB, 1.23.17-1.24.17
Ran 3 times between 11:00pm and 6:10am

January 15, 2017

Albany County Legislators Submit Letter to Momentive
Support Letter 2
Support Letter 1

January 13, 2017
Momentive Strike
WNYT NBC, 1.13.17
Ran at 5:29am,

Diesel Spills
WNYT NBC, 1.13.17
Ran at 5:37am, 6:36am,

Negotiations End A Day Early With No Deal
WXXA Fox, 1.13.17
Ran at 6:05am, 6:48am,

No Deal In Sight For Workers
WTEN ABC, 1.13.17
Ran at 7:32am

Negotiations End A Day Early With No Deal
WTEN ABC, 1.13.17
Ran at 12:00pm

Momentive Workers Travel To N.Y.C.
WTEN ABC, 1.13.17
Ran at 4:05pm and 5:06pm

Workers On Strike Are Heading To New York City Today
YNN Capital Region, 1.13.17
Ran 15 times between 7:30am and 11:45am

A Large Group Of Striking Momentive Workers Left In Buses For New York City
YNN Capital Region, 1.13.17
Ran 12 times between 12:00pm and 5:15pm


Momentive Workers on Strike Head to NYC to Negotiate Fair Contract
Katie Eastman, TWC News, 1.13.17

State Eyes Action Against Chemical Plant Hit By Union Strike
Associated Press, WIBX 950, 1.13.17

Momentive workers headed to Global Headquarters in NYC
ABC News 10, 1.13.17

DEC concerned with safety at Momentive plant in Waterford
CBS 6 Albany, 1.13.17

DEC blasts Momentive’s safety record
Paul Post, The Saratogian, 1.13.17

January 12, 2017

Negotiations to stop workers’ strike break down
ABC News, 1.12.17

Momentive chemical faces state environmental violations, seeks striker limits
Brian Nearing, Times Union, 1.12.17

DEC probes spill at Momentive plant in Waterford
Brian Nearing, Times Union, 1.12.17

Oil spills reported at Momentive as strikers plan next move
Ned Campbell, Daily Gazette, 1.12.17

Waterford plant deals with dual diesel fuel spills
WNYT 13 1.12.17

Momentive, union talks fall apart
Paul Post, The Saratogian, 1.12.17

Also appears in the Troy Record
More Talks Set Between Striking Workers, NY Chemical Plant
Associated Press, WIBX 950, 1.12.17

January 10, 2017 – State Comptroller Urges Settlement In Momentive Chemical Strike


January 10, 2017 – More talks set between striking workers, NY chemical plant


January 9, 2017 – MPM, Union Leaders To Meet This Week

The Daily Gazette

January 9, 2017 – Momentive strikers in NY: ‘Solidarity keeps us strong!’ – The Militant

 “They thought we’d break going into the holidays, but we’ve only gotten stronger every day,” striker Kevin Alderman told a WRBG-TV reporter as workers maintained round-the-clock pickets at entrances to the sprawling Momentive Performance Materials chemical plant in Waterford, New York.

Some 700 members of International Union of Electrical Workers-Communications Workers of America Local 81359, who struck Nov. 2 after voting down several concession contract proposals, continue to receive solidarity. Area unions are donating firewood.“‘Operation Keep Them Warm’ is led by strikers’ wives,” Local 81359 President Dominick Patrignani told the Militant. Hundreds of gifts have been donated for Momentive families to pick up at the American Legion Post in Mechanicville, a town just north of the plant where many strikers live.

Six days before Christmas no more gifts were needed and the union is now requesting warm clothes for children instead. “We continue to receive plenty of food donations, including homemade soups and chilis,” said Patrignani.

Four strikers spoke at a Christmas party meeting of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 236 in Albany Dec. 6. A motion to contribute $3,000 to the strikers’ cause, amended to $5,000 from the floor, passed enthusiastically.

Strikers told the electricians they were getting support from a wide variety of area groups. Just before coming to their meeting, striker Michael Leonard said, they got a donation of food from the Capital District Coalition Against Islamophobia. “This was a bit of a surprise,” he said. “We’re getting culturally diverse — it’s a growing, big circle of friends.”

Strikers also got support from Faith on the Line, a group of Christian clergy that held a solidarity service outside the plant Dec. 22.

Momentive has hired strikebreakers and has refused to back down on demands to increase medical costs for working union members and retirees and cut 401(k) contributions.

“The company has agreed to begin negotiations again in January,” Patrignani told the Militant.

Donations may be sent to IUE-CWA Strike Defense Fund, P.O. Box 339, Waterford, NY 12188.

Ray Parsons from Delmar, New York, contributed to this article.

January 7, 2017 – Progress Could Be Made Soon in Momentive Strike

Channel 13 WNYT

January 4, 2017 – Upstate NY Chemical Workers Remain Strong As Strike Enters Tenth Week

Labor Press

January 3, 2017 – Spills Up At Waterford’s Momentive Chemical Plant


December 24, 2017 – Trump key economic adviser has stake in Momentive’s striking Waterford chemical plant


December 21, 2016 – Momentive employees prepared to strike through the holidays

Channel 6

December 19, 2016 – Community donates hundreds of gifts for Momentive workers on strike

Channel 10

Thursday December 1, 2016 – NYSPFFA Firefighters Hold Joint Press Conference With IUE-CWA

Channel 10
Channel 13
Daily Gazette
Times Union
TWC News

Workers at Momentive Performance Material Plant in Waterford are still on strike.

Momentive makes several silicone products and has several hazardous materials and chemicals at the plant.

That’s why members of the New York State Professional firefighters association will be joining union workers on the picket line later this morning.

They believe that public safety is in danger following Momentive’s decision to hire temporary workers while the strike has been happening.

Momentive representatives released a statement saying the contingency workers are trained.  They said:

“The safety of our employees and the environment is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why, upon receipt of the strike notice from IUE-CWA leadership, we immediately activated our comprehensive contingency plans, including hiring a trained contingency workforce and leveraging our global assets and inventory.”