The members of IUE-CWA Local 81359/81380 are fighting corporate greed at Momentive Performance Materials, a company that has one goal; to demoralize and destroy its unionized workforce and end collective bargaining rights at the Waterford plant. 

The workers are standing up not only for their own families’ well-being, but for all working families, fighting for good middle-class jobs in our community which promotes a stronger economy for all working men and women in the Capital Region.



Union members went on strike November 2, 2016 after the company failed to offer a fair contract.

In 2009, Momentive slashed production workers’ wages by 25 to 50 percent and outsourced dozens of jobs.
In 2013, Momentive froze pensions for workers younger than 50.

The most current offer from Momentive:

  • reduces the annual 401(k) matching retirement contribution
  • nearly doubles health care insurance costs, and eventually eliminate any preferred provider coverage by offering only high deductible, high co-pay plans
  • abolishes annual vacation allotments
  • closes-out future retiree health and life insurance benefits.

Momentive is putting profits before the very people who work to make them successful.

Momentive’s CEO collected more than $5.4 million in compensation in 2015; as much as the combined pay for 100 workers on strike. The highly trained men and women of IUE-CWA Local 81359/81380 want to return to work with a fair contract.

Download the fact sheet here.