Simple and genius way to remove Suntan

A suntan in the skin will make the skin tone odd in the parts of the body. The uncovered areas in a body will get effects suntan when they met heavy sunrays in the daytime.

Due to different sunrays as UV rays and other harmful rays it affects the live cells present in the skin to get disposed. The disposed of cells which don’t get peel from the skin will reflect as a suntan. Some skin will get rid of suntan on its own, but some skin is getting more affected in skin diseases. Know the following tips to get back your affected skin from suntan.

Key elements to remove suntan

A suntan is usually available on the top layer of skin and it sometimes gets deeper into the skin layer and causes skin diseases to the sensitive skin. If your skin is not a sensitive you can undergo for the following steps to get rid of suntan, else suggest with your known dermatologist to know about your skin type and undergo for medical treatment.

Exfoliation is the key element to take off self tanner method to get remove suntan from the skin, fading color in the pigment of a cell will turn the skin color.

remove suntan

What are the ways of self-tan removing?

A self-tan removing method is the easiest thing but you have to follow regularly and properly to attain better results to get back your natural skin tone. Tons of skin may vary to everyone know your skin tone and choose natural ways to remove suntan and look great.


If you notice bronzed in skin and streaks in body, it is the time to treat your skin tan. Use gritty sugar particles to scrub your skin. Scrubbing  get tanning lotion off from skin and it will helps you to remove the tan from the upper layer of skin, but don’t scrubs harshly, gently scrub your skin to remove the blended skin.

Lathering by oil

Moisturizing is a key element on lathering a skin, prefer to use a thick layer of baby oil or other skin supportable oils. Apply oil as a thick layer on the skin where you notice suntan and massage in a circular motion on the skin to get self tanner off your hands and let it soak on the skin for a few minutes. Then don’t wash off it straightly by hitting into the shower, use gram flour to wash off from skin it will protect your skin from skin diseases.

self-tan removing


According to research if you are looking for self-tan remover method, go swimming to removing self tanner. The presence of chlorine in the pool will directly hit into the skin and it is a natural way to exfoliate the skin. If you are hitting in the pool it helps you to break down your sun tan in the skin on the upper layer.

Try Milk mask

Using curdled milk as a mask in the skin will respond well to remove suntan from the skin easily. You may notice the uneven tan in your skin, use slices of lemon on curled milk. Apply the paste of milk and lemon in the skin for 15 minutes and wash off it in warm water.